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When you apply for a casting porno, there are some qualities that you must take care off. You may not have this cute face like an Asiatic but you can have a fantastic body and a sexy dress.

This is the test that you pass if you want to be porn actress

This post is an interest one because it will make you rich. A man or woman, a teen, a couple, will be one of porn actor.

For a woman casting porn actor

They are pretty on her cute face and on her body. They like wearing a frisky dress and may have punk print on the belly button. They have a big chest and a big buttock. They have this great and kind look that everyone will be failing with you. You are able to be nude in front of many men, and you like to see cock and like to touch it. You like to sick this big cock, and it makes you pleasure. You are able to make love with girl on girl porn and you appreciate the lesbian show also. You want to be sucks and you like to play on your clitoris.

For a man porn actor

The first quality that they look at you is your body. They need someone with a great muscle and may not so handsomely at all, but just a person with this chrism. The second one is to verify that they have a large cock and the minimum size in on ten inches. You are a normal guy that have a normal erection, and easy to simulate. You are not afraid about those cameras and the light that follow you when you are in action. You will exhibit your nude body in front of many persons. They asked you to be on erection in thirty seconds without any stimulate action. You have to masturbate during fifteen minutes by visioning a pretty girl, and you must eject in one minute.

You are able to fuck many people at the same times, and with the same sex as you, with a person in different ethnic and different skin color. So, you have to be in a good condition with a strange person.

Express yourself


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